product image Manufactured by PureTek, Dermectin is made exclusively for mature women with aging skin.

Dermectin’s line of products includes “Wrinkle Reduction”, “Sun Care”, “Facial Care”, and “Scar Treatment.”

Dermectin offers an exclusive Dermacin Peptide Complex to renew cells and improve skin damage caused by sun exposure and other factors.

Also featured are natural amino acids, botanicals, green tea extract, enzymes, and antioxidants to safely induce wrinkle reduction without harmful side effects.

Price of Line: $8.95-$49.99

Dermectin Product Details:

The official website does not provide a full ingredients list. But from information found on a third-party website, we determined the following active ingredients are used in Dermectin:

Collagen–when used topically, collagen may plump the skin–but there is debate as to whether or not it simply sits on the skin’s surface and clogs pores.

Peptins would be a far more effective way to ensure the production of collagen, as peptins have been proven to seep below the epidermis and speed up the natural manufacture of collagen from within.

Glycosaminoglycans are often used in skin care products because of their ability to increase hydration by binding to water efficiently. This can improve the elasticity and overall firmness of the skin. But while Glycosaminoglycans may prove effective for temporary results when applied via injection, they do not work as well topically.

The other ingredients in Dermectin are moisturizers, preservatives, and fillers.

Bottom line, adding Collagen to skin care products is not really an effective (and frankly “old school”) method of offering anti-aging relief.

Our Overall Impression of Dermectin:

Dermectin products are not as “up-to-date” and innovative as other top-rated anti-aging skin care products we’ve seen. And prices can soar quite high for some of the products in the Dermectin line.

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