Magic Eye Cream Review

Your eyes are very important, so why not pamper them a little bit. Magic Eye Cream has a unique blend of ingredients that are supposed to soothes and soften the skin around your eyes. The ingredients also stimulate the production of collagen and improve circulation.

What is in Magic Eye Cream?

We promised you that Magic Eye Cream had a unique blend of ingredients. Well we weren’t kidding. Four of the ingredients in this eye cream are diamond dust, mother of pearl, silver, and gold.

Diamond dust gives skin a polished look and enhances its natural glow. Mother of pearl protects skin “invaders”. Silver should fight bacteria and reduce fine lines. Gold helps deliver oxygen to your skin more directly. Whether or not these ingredients are effective is still in question. We have never seen any of them in an eye cream before.

There are some ingredients in Magic Eye Cream that we are familiar with and we know that they are effective. They are three different peptides. Peptides are responsible for stimulating collagen production in your skin. Collagen is the substance in your skin that helps it stay strong and firm. A higher level of collagen means less wrinkles and fine lines.

Besides increasing collagen production, the peptides should help improve blood circulation around your eyes to reduce dark circles.

These are only a handful of the ingredients in Magic Eye Cream. It has a long list of other ingredients including moisturizers, preservatives, fragrances, and fillers. Usually we would research all the ingredients to see exactly what they are, what they do, and if they are safe. But Magic Eye Cream has too many.

Cost & Customer Reviews

The cost for Magic Eye Cream is $36. This is for a container that holds 0.5 fluid ounces of the eye cream. The manufacturer, ClickR, will offer a refund on product returned within the first 30 days.

There aren’t that many customer reviews of Magic Eye Cream online; only a couple dozen. The average rating that the eye cream received is 4.4 stars out of 5. This is a good rating, but we like to see at least 50 reviews. If there are less than 50 reviews, we don’t think that they accurately portray how people feel about the product.

Educated Opinion

Magic Eye Cream is not the best eye cream available, but it is a good one. We’re not sure that the exotic ingredients are all that effective, but the three powerful peptides have enough benefits to make up for what the others lack. We don’t like that the product has so many ingredients that we aren’t sure are necessary or safe. The manufacturer does claim that the eye cream is naturally pure.

We think that Magic Eye Cream is worth trying.

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November 26, 2015

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