Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand Review

Not everyone has a fairy god-mother to wave her wand and instantly have a happily ever after. Instead, we’re willing to settle for just the wand and the hope that it will work its magic once more and leave us with beautiful and healthy skin—in this case, that wand is the Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand.

Although this product may be far from the magic solution we’re hoping for, Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand claims to be the next best thing, offering consumers with a revolutionary way to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, creases, dark circles, double chins, and fatty cheeks. And consumers have even claimed that Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand can effectively treat eczema as well.

By delivering micro nutrients to the skin, Beautiful Image Face Sculpting wand supposedly interacts with positive and negative charges in the skin. Theoretically speaking, this interaction results in a significant boost to the skin’s overall healing process, and the technology has inspired the creation of numerous anti-aging products in various forms.

Manufacturers encourage consumers to buy the newest version available due to the fact that Beautiful Image Mode 900 is supposedly able deliver a broader range of micro currents than ever before, and in 2007, Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand manufacturers celebrated their thirtieth anniversary since its creation.

This is a big investment in skin care, however. The casual consumer may be more interested in an eye cream like Prevera, which is loaded down with wrinkle-fighting peptides to combat some of the more common skin care issues like fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

Nevertheless, the Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand definitely has a market it’s aiming to please. Let’s see if it can accomplish this task.

Product Details:

Beautiful Image uses micro currents which apparently increase ITP by 500 percent. It has to be administered by a medical professional, but similar at-home treatments are available, and often times these products produce results comparable to Beautiful image, usually costing around $200 to $300 for the machine and about $80 per month for the accompanying, mandatory gel. Overall, your total cost will probably be around $200-$300 per session, which is expensive, but probably worth it if these are the kinds of intense results you’re looking for. In that sense, Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand could live up to its claims.

Unfortunately, no scientific proof has been established for this mechanism of action, despite the fact there have been multiple customer reviews cited.

It should also be noted that if you have any machinery in your body such as a pacemaker, this treatment is extremely inappropriate, as it deliver electric currents through the body that may disrupt the functions of these vital elements.

Overall Impression of Beautiful Image

Considering that Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand had over 30 years to produce scientific results, we can’t help but wonder why it hasn’t gained much of a following. For better or worse, Beautiful Image is one product that best left up to the administration of medical professionals, to be used under special circumstances. Nonetheless, Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand may instill confidence in some individuals by temporary providing results.

Unfortunately, without clinical research a wide variety of positive consumer testimonials or even a specifically listed price, Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand might be nothing more than a glorified fair-tale. Although it might produce some satisfying results, it might not be worth the estimated $200 to $300 per treatment.

If you need a facial treatment in more manageable financial terms, then, you may want to turn to Prevera. This eye cream combats a lot of the same problems Beautiful Image Face Sculpting Wand does—though with admittedly less intense results—for a fraction of the cost. If you reevaluate your needs and decide you can be satisfied with a less ambitious product, this eye cream might be the one for you.

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